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Werner Ruotsalainen is an iOS and Java programming lecturer who is well-versed in programming, hacking, operating systems, and programming languages. Werner tries to generate unique articles on subjects not widely discussed. Some of his articles are highly technical and are intended for other programmers and coders.

Werner also is interested in photography and videography. He is a frequent contributor to not only mobile and computing publications, but also photo and video forums. He loves swimming, skiing, going to the gym, and using his iPads. English is one of several languages he speaks.

Warning: do NOT try to apply this cover to the iPad 3!

I dedicate a complete article to warn possible victims of the following case as the eBay seller, while completely aware of the case not fitting (this is why he's raised the price from some 5 UK Pounds to 99 to avoid anyone purchasing it), didn't really send out e-mails to his customers telling them NOT to try to put the given case on iPad 3's.


Test videos of my forthcoming Video playback bible: deinterlacing, Full HD MKV, MP4 and subtitle playback comparisons

In order not to have to update it much, I've been waiting for the (new) iPad (3) and postponing the publication of both updates of my previous major PDF reader / Web browser roundups and also new, iPad-specific articles like multimedia playback. Now that the iPad 3 is here, I, at last, start publishing all these articles, starting with the long-promised video player roundup.

Before it gets published (which will take at least a day or two, as I still want to add stuff like network share support and video output to external monitors / AirPlay clients), however, I publish a quick article comparing the

Playing back high definition video from outside the iTunes store on (also) the new iPad - UPDATE: RushPlayer + demo videos

So far, I've preferred using my high-end 17” Macbook Pro for watching full HD (1920*1080) videos as the screen is able to natively, without downsizing the picture, play back the content. With the new, high-resolution, Retina iPad, playing back even Full HD video has become much more desirable than even on a high-end  Macbook Pro: far better screen quality (vastly superior IPS technology vs. TN film, even if the latter is of pretty good quality), no fan noise, no need to connect it to the wall plug (playing back even the most demanding 1080p H.264 videos at max brightness only decreases battery charge by about 18% an hour and doesn't really heat up the iPad 3), mobility, no annoying overheating etc.

Quick warning: in NO WAY upgrade to RetinaPad 1.3! UPDATE: fixed!

I've discussed & recommended RetinaPad in several of my articles, which makes it possible to run most native iPhone apps in high-resolution mode on all iPad models under all iOS versions - something that Apple should have done in the first place.


MWC Report IV: EXCLUSIVE: Nokia PureView 808 high-ISO images; binned resolution tests; vs. Panasonic ZS3/TZ7


Let me continue (previous article HERE) with the systematic test of the Nokia PureView 808, Nokia's new cameraphone flagship model, which, based on my tests and measurements so far, will be even bigger a hit than the Nokia N95 was back in the day. (Just to remember: back in its day, the N95 had by far the best camera among all mobile phones.)

In this current installment, I try to provide you with answers to

- the high ISO behaviour in both full-resolution and binned mode
- whether the downsampling helps at keeping absolute resolution high; that is, is the (binned) image quality, detail-wise, comparable to those of the Foveon sensors

MWC Report Part III: camera & video tests of four just-announced high-end smartphones

Let me continue (previous article: MWC Report Part II: EXCLUSIVE: Nokia PureView 808 resolution tests!) with my systematical tests of four high-end Android ICS phones, all sporting true (not the PenTile joke of Samsung) 720p resolution screens I've conducted here in Barcelona, at MWC. (Personally, I, who has spent hundreds if not thousands of bucks on iOS and Symbian apps, don't want to invest in another ecosystem so I won't purchase any of them – now that Windows Mobile is, unfortunately, no more, I prefer the iOS + Symbian dual setup: that is, iOS for apps, games & tablets and Symbian for phones & cameras.)

MWC Report Part II: EXCLUSIVE: Nokia PureView 808 resolution tests!


Let's continue my MWC report series (previous (first) part HERE) with the stuff that makes a camera & smartphone freak like me salivate: some serious (and I do mean serious!) camera tests. Note that, as there were no really-really groundbreaking iOS announcements at MWC (as opposed to the announcements and new models of almost all other major manufacturers), I'll only cover iOS later. My exclusive stuff, measurements and new tablets, smartphones  first, even if they aren't made by Apple.

MWC Report I: Now Apple has some serious competition: the new Nokia phone and the Samsung Note 10.1


I've just returned to my hotel room from the first day of MWC so that I can get ready for the MobileFocus event in the evening. I couldn't wait with sharing my experiences with you on the spot. Having little free time, however, let's start with the most two important pieces of news: the Nokia PureView 808 (a phone with a freaking good camera) and the Samsung Note 10.1 (a really decent tablet). I had some quality hands-on time with both models. Let's start with the former.

Nokia PureView 808

Vastly enhancing the video camera of the iPhone 4S – Part I


UPDATE (06/04/2012): Part II has just been published; it's HERE.

Hackers' corner: enhancing the iPad 2 camera

Now that iOS 5.0.1 has become hackable, I've been continuously receiving requests to make my previous, strictly iOS4-specific iPhone 3GS / 4 video camera enhancer tool (available in Cydia: see THIS) iOS 5-compliant.

Having successfully closed a major project I've been working on for months, I immediately moved to devoting my free time to updating my tool.

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