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Werner Ruotsalainen is an iOS and Java programming lecturer who is well-versed in programming, hacking, operating systems, and programming languages. Werner tries to generate unique articles on subjects not widely discussed. Some of his articles are highly technical and are intended for other programmers and coders.

Werner also is interested in photography and videography. He is a frequent contributor to not only mobile and computing publications, but also photo and video forums. He loves swimming, skiing, going to the gym, and using his iPads. English is one of several languages he speaks.

REVIEW & TIPS: At last an automatic(!) Skype call recorder!


UPDATE (07/13/2012):  1. the new version stores its recordings in the standard Documents directory of the stock Skype app.

2. I've posted a lot of information on the Bluetooth compliance of the recorder HERE. The article also shows how you can make the in/output file pairs into stereo files with separate left/right channels keeping the in/out (or out/in) streams.

3. Unfortunately, in the last two months, there has still no been a bugifx for the iPad version of Skype.

Offline Web browsing and saving Web pages


You may already have used Cmd + S (Ctrl + S under Windows) to save the current page in your desktop browser. Well, you can do the same on your iDevice! In this article-tutorial, I show you how. (The current article is, basically, Part II of my previously-published article on Web content filtering on iDevices.)

First and foremost, there are two main usage cases, depending on whether you want to save an entire site or page structure (so that you can follow the article and other links on it when saved) or just the current one. Let's start with the former.

This is how you can disable browsing any non-company (non-children etc.) website on your iDevice


At MacRumors, I've been asked to elaborate on whether it's possible not to let users browse non-company Web pages, preferably with a mirrored, offline set of the company's pages for reference to get 3G data usage costs down.

Let's start with the former (to keep the size of the article down, I'll discuss the strictly offline solution in a separate writeup). Note that the solutions I present can be not only used in a corporate environment but, say, at home if you don't want your children to access certain “adult” pages.

Review: Multimedia Player PlayerXtreme


UPDATE (24/05/2012): the new (2.3) version has just been approved by Apple. It has, among other things, improved UPnP support:



In my tests, directory listing indeed worked with Majestic. However, streaming didn't (all I saw was a black screen) and downloading have turned out to be VERY slow - more than an order of magnitude(!!!) slower than with GoodPlayer, under exactly the same circumstances. That is, UPnP-wise, this app still has a lot to be improved...


Lossless audio playback on iOS - Part II

Let's continue our adventure to lossless audio playback! In Part I, I've scrutinized 24 bit and/or lossless FLAC and WMA playback. In today's installment, I've looked into how the reviewed multimedia players (along with my new purchase, the lossless playback-specific GoldenEar) play back the following formats:

- the WMA Pro (default) output of Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 to see how WMA Pro is handled (the previous test tested Lossless, 24 bit and non-Pro, simple WMA2.)
- Monkey's Audio (.ape); with normal compression level

Review: brand new, free(!) video player: QQPlayerHD


Several MacRumors forum members (see for example THIS thread – BTW, my first post there also contains an 1:2.35 movie playback screenshot) have asked me for my opinion on the recently released , free(!) QQPlayerHD (iTunes link).

(main file list dialog; the screenshot also shows the one and only menu available in the app. Click the image for the original-sized one.)

HOWTO (two videos): Preserving the AC3 audio track in a MOV (MP4 / M4V) file

In the MacRumors iPad forums, I've run into the question (see THIS) whether it's possible to (re-)add an AC3 track to an M4V file. (As you may already know, it's essential that you convert your videos, particularly high-resolution ones, to M4V / MOV / MP4 files so that the hardware decoder can play them back. There is no other way of playing other high-res formats back – other than jailbreaking, of course, and using the almighty XBMC.) I answer the question, with no less than two tutorials (along with their respective video), in a dedicated article. In addition, at the end of the article, I explain how you can quickly extract parts of a large(r) MKV file.

Review: video converter iVI (Pro) for iPads / iPhones


UPDATE (08/20/2012):  THIS post directly compares the remuxing speed of iVI and the, more or less (if you can live with the  nagging screen upon loading a file and the disabled batch processing) free MP4tools. Very similar results to mine (read: iVI should NOT be used for MKV remuxing).

UPDATE (08/03/2012): HERE, I've elaborated on how iVI joins MP4 (MOV / M4V) videos without (!!) transcoding them; that is, very quickly.

Watching videos taken to the max: Roundup of MKV to MP4/M4V video converters


UPDATE (08/20/2012): as far as the latest OS X version (10.8 Mountain Lion; ML for short) is concerned, I have some bad news.

The All-in-one Photo Viewer Roundup (+70% price drop on the best image viewer!)


In the last few days, I've participated in several discussion threads in the Phone Cameras / Tablets & Apps forum of DPReview. (See for example THIS, THIS and THIS). In order not to have to repeat the same facts again and again in future discussions, I've decided to dedicate a complete article to the question of using the iPad as a photo frame.

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