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Werner Ruotsalainen is an iOS and Java programming lecturer who is well-versed in programming, hacking, operating systems, and programming languages. Werner tries to generate unique articles on subjects not widely discussed. Some of his articles are highly technical and are intended for other programmers and coders.

Werner also is interested in photography and videography. He is a frequent contributor to not only mobile and computing publications, but also photo and video forums. He loves swimming, skiing, going to the gym, and using his iPads. English is one of several languages he speaks.

Tips and tricks: playing excellent, new platformer "Metal Slug 3" with external game controllers


UPDATE (08/24/2012): the price of Metal Slug 3 has just been slashed to $3.99. A definite buy at that price!

BTW, SNK's other, excellent (TA review) 2012 title, THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i 2012., (iTunes link), is also on sale for $3.99. Another highly recommended title.

Original article:

Another video player, 1080 Player, released: full pre-playback MKV remuxing!


(Please read THIS for more info on MKV's and why they're preferable to any other format when you, say, rip your own DVD or Blue Ray discs to be played back on your iPad / iPhone. The last article on other hardware playback-capable AppStore players is HERE, with further links to other, previous reviews.)

New version of free multimedia player FlexPlayer out – now, it's (more or less) recommended


The last time I've discussed FlexPlayer I've published a very bad review of the player, telling everyone to stay away. After a huuuge, long-promised update today, I've re-tested the app to find out whether it's any better than before. As it has turned out: much better and, in some (but not all!) cases (video file types), it can be THE most recommended free player.

Great video player AVPlayerHD receives hardware MKV / AVI video playback support!


UPDATE (08/08/2012): the just-released version (1.51) of AVPlayerHD no longer defaults to the hardware playback of MKV files, as is also mentioned in the update notes:

(click the image for a full-sized one! BTW, as you can see, a lot of other players have also received some serious updates in the last 2-3 days. So did the Photon Flash browser, which I'll also dedicate a separate article in the near future. PlayerXtreme, half-visible at the top of the screen, has only received some bugfixes.)

Fast-forward ad-skipping: the best video players


If you use your iDevice for watching videos using the built-in, stock Videos app, you may have noticed that the only way of fast forwarding or rewinding is the positioning slider at the top. You “grab” the slider with a finger and drag it to the left/right to rewind / fast forward, respectively.

Additionally, you can also drag your finger downwards to make the slider dragging speed slower. It won't help much when you run or do some other exercise and, in order to keep your pulse high, wouldn't want to stop it.

Creating PDF files from images


In Apple's own support forum, while answering (link) a question on how PDF files should be created from images from the Camera Roll of the device, I've tested quite a lot of PDF readers / editors for iOS - basically, the ones I've elaborated on in my Ultimate PDF Reader Roundup (link) and some more. Here are my findings:

PDF readers supporting creating PDF files from images:

Using Skype with a Bluetooth headset and via AirPlay (with Audacity tips and tricks)


While in the gym, I tend to make / receive a lot of Skype calls to my wife or relatives. As I exclusively use stereo (A2DP) Bluetooth headphones in the gym to give me absolute, cable-less iPad 3-video-watching freedom while exercising, I've also run into problems related to the Bluetooth bugs of Skype: most of the time, I couldn't just use the headphones I already worn to conduct the call. Instead, I needed to use the speaker / microphone on the iPad itself, making my environment hear what both I and the other party say. Therefore, I decided to investigate the problem and come up with solutions to it.

Selecting the best DVD player app & an It's Playing bugfix


UPDATE (08/09/2012): in the comments section below, I elaborated on deinterlacing. Note that I'll devote a complete article / tutorial to these subjects (using X.264 / HandBrake / Episode to deinterlace etc.) some time. Before that, it's mostly HandBrake's (default) decombing that will be your best friend.

UPDATE (08/04/2012): THIS thread has a lot of discussion of the subject. Remember to prefer my statements to ones that state the opposite! (The thread is full of factual errors.)

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Phone Disk users, attention!


I've, along with several other tech writers (see for example THIS) recommended “Phone Disk” and “iExplorer” in several of my articles (see for example THIS).

Tidbits: AirPlay, editing videos of the Videos app, advanced exposure locking, AAC recording etc.

Let me present you with some links to my (more important) posts of the last 24 hours at user forums I'm also very active at all around the Net. I, while, generally, incorporate information I find out / post in user forums in later, larger roundups with a much broader scope, I don't generally dedicate a separate article to questions I answer for users.

HERE, I've explained how one can edit (unprotected) videos synched via iTunes to the stock Videos app with Avid Studio. (The vastly less capable iMovie, along with several other video editos, can only access the Camera Roll and, therefore, can't directly edit videos sychronized as true movies.)

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