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Fullpower-MotionX leads the mobile sensing revolution with a broad IP portfolio. The MotionX® sensing platform powers leading solutions such as Nike+ GPS, the Jawbone UP wristband, and the Pioneer AppRadio. With continual innovation, MotionX is the leader for Health, Fitness and Navigation on the iPhone and the iPad with flagship offerings including MotionX-GPS, MotionX-GPS Drive and MotionX-Sleep.

MotionX Launches 2.0 Version of Popular MotionX-Sleep™ App

MotionX Launches 2.0 Version of Popular MotionX-Sleep™ App


Fullpower®-MotionX® announced its 2.0 update of the popular MotionX-SleepApp for iPhone and iPod touch, adding five new enhancements based on direct user feedback. MotionX-Sleep is a next-generation health and fitness application that tracks sleep and daily activity directly from your iPhone or iPod touch.


The five new enhancements include:  

New Alarm Clock Interface

The intuitive alarm clock makes setting your Smart Sleep Cycle Alarm quick and easy


New Improved iPhone/iPod touch Placement

Optimize the placement of your iPhone or iPod touch with the new audible placement test