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About Streamified LLC
Streamified (http://www.streamified.com) is developed by Streamified LLC. It was founded in November of 2011 by programmer Zane Claes in attempts to simplify his social networking experience. He had previously built a browser extension called SGPlus (http:// sgplus.me) to meet similar needs, which attracted over 150,000 unique users in the first 30 days. Streamified is the evolution of this product, coming first to the iOS platform before expanding to familiar ground with an update to the old SGPlus update that brings the Streamified experience back to the browser.

Streamified 1.5 available now


Introducing Streamified, a new universal iOS app, bringing all of your favorite streams in one beautiful journal. Streamified seeks to be the user’s one stop for social media and news. Each stream the user adds to the application, viewable as a scrollable column, has its own unique source. The application also makes sharing this content exceptionally easy, with built in tools for posting, liking, retweeting, replying, uploading images, applying filters to photos, attaching GPS coordinates to a post and much more.

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