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Since its founding in October 2008, QuinnScape has been managed by Quinn Genzel. Quinn is best known for his popular, top-ranking travel packing apps: Packing and Packing Pro. Both apps have been recognized by Apple and National Geographic (and American Express for Packing Pro) as some of their top apps for traveling. Other app created by Quinn include nature appreciation apps (iLove Nature and iLove Birds), 3D VR action games (R.I.P and Ghost Buddy) and high-quality puzzles (the aQ's Pro Slider Puzzle series).




Packing Pro is a super-enhanced version of the popular, top-ranking Packing app, which was spotlight demoed in Apple Retail Stores across the U.S. If you desire great iCloud syncing & sharing options, display customization, a huge catalog, lots of sample lists, & additional, built-in Expert assistance, then Packing Pro is for you!

PRO BENEFITS (in Packing Pro):

    -- device-to-device auto-sync support for lists, catalog...


Never forget to pack anything again! For less than the cost of a (*forgotten*) tube of toothpaste or a pair of socks (and the time & hassle of replacing it on the road, or in the woods?), this iPhone/iPad app can be your very own personal packing assistant.


  • CREATE unlimited, 100% user-customizable packing lists
  • EDIT your lists however you wish (add, delete, rename or reorder any category, type or item)


See video

Packing Pro - iPhone travel packing list app demo

Packing Pro - iPhone travel packing list app demo

Apple Recommends Packing Pro for Planning Your Vacation

Apple Recommends Packing Pro for Planning Your Vacation


May 15, 2012 - Packing Pro, QuinnScape's popular travel app for the iPhone, iPad & iPod touch, is now being featured by Apple in its "Plan Your Vacation" recommendation page. This comes on the heels of the version 8.0 update, which added full iCloud auto-syncing to effortlessly keep all packing lists, catalog content & customized settings up-to-date across all of a user's iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). Apple's recommendation has helped propel Packing Pro to the #4 spot on the U.S App Store Travel section for both iPad and iPhone.