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Carmanah Information Products Inc.

At Carmanah/IP, we want to make useful apps for the iPhone and iPad that use information and technology to improve the job of living.

On one hand we have a world full of busy people with challenges on our hands, often with the need to make something in our daily lives better.

On the other hand we live surrounded by ever increasing bits of information and technology that could be put to good use.

We hope to make your life better in some way by harnessing the power you carry around with you.

New iPhone Book App: Ideas for Better Living

New iPhone Book App: Ideas for Better Living

Carmanah Information Products Inc. announces the release of Ideas for Better Living, its first entry into the iPhone Book App category. The book is a compendium of 60 ideas for improving one’s life backed up by the knowledge of self-help experts.

“We believe this book to be unique in the app store and of great value to anyone looking to improve their relationships, themselves and their lives in general”, says Carmanah’s President, Paul Kaufmann.