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Who is N3V Games?

N3V Games is a prominent Developer and Publisher of games for PC, Mac and mobile. Our most successful franchise “Trainz Simulator” has been steaming along for 10 years, growing year upon year. With over 300,000 registered members and 1 Million copies sold worldwide, Trainz is the Number 1 Train Simulator franchise across PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

With the ever-changing game landscape, N3V was quick to ramp up activity on mobile platforms. Trainz was released on iOS (iPad) in 2010 and the results achieved were staggering. Trainz reached “Top Simulator” in 50 stores, “Top Game” in 25 stores and “Top Overall iPad App” in 17 stores including USA, UK and Australia. More than a year later Trainz regularly reaches the Top 10 rankings in stores throughout the world.

How we improved our app sales by 10X in under an hour.

How we improved our app sales by 10X in under an hour.

Brisbane, Australia, Feb 7, 2013

Veteran game developers and publishers N3V Games today released a blog article about how they increased their app sales by up to 10 times with a simple change that took less than an hour to implement.