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My Status is a start up US based company specializing in iPhone Social Networking apps. As of December 2011, four apps under the company's profile are available in the App Store. A number of new apps are under development and are expected to be released early 2012.

To phone, or not to phone, that is the question.

To phone, or not to phone, that is the question.

Michigan, USA - My Status is pleased to announce the release of My Status – Your Phone Social Networking Status for iOS devices.

My Status provides a simple, yet a powerful and creative solution to a two fold common problem that we all face when it comes to telephone communication: Dealing with phone calls that come at inappropriate times, and choosing the right time to call people. Inspired by the availability status feature in chat messengers, My Status allows the users to set a status that describes their availability or willingness to receive phone calls. Once a status is set, it is visible in real time to all users’ contacts who have the users’ phone numbers and use My Status.