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Jose Moraleda Moraga

My name is Miguel Moraleda, I'm an indie developer. I recently release an iPhone/iPad game called FingerOut. The game is very simple, but the gameplay is totally different to actual games. 

FingerOut - iPhone / iPad game to improve your motor skills

FingerOut - iPhone / iPad game to improve your motor skills

Motor gaming is known to be the favorite of most of the gamers. The motion and thrill attached to this kind of speedy games have always attracted the regular as well as new gamers. Keeping this under consideration, a brand new motor gaming app has been launched, named FingerOut.

This game has been developed by professional experts, who have focused on proving the motor skill of the gamer, through this unconventional app. The motor ability of the player has been emphasized throughout this game. This game throws a challenge to the users to check if they can play the game for at least for 15 seconds, using their four fingers or not. This game has got 3 different leagues. The Bronze league is of 3 fingers, Silver is a 4 fingers challenge and the Gold league is a 5 fingers challenge.