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Media Wow offers businesses a refreshingly independent and flexible approach to their complete marketing and media requirements. The Wow team takes pride in the strategy and results our clients achieve, and because we are passionate about what we do, our clients stay with us.

We have a smart, talented team with experience in all marketing disciplines from traditional media planning and buying – specializing in broadcast, press, outdoor and inserts, through to web development, creative, paid & natural search, to social media.



The Moles have invaded your land, war is upon you. Pit your wits against the invading forces by sending your deadly bombs through various networks of tunnels, traps and obstacles that stand between you and your quarry.

Choose your fuse length and ignite the bombs then use your smartphone's accelerometer to lean left and right to guide the bomb as it falls downwards. Once you are deep in enemy territory you must try to get your deadly explosive close to the target before the fuse runs...

Mole Warfare for iOS and Android - Use your accelerometer to blow up small mammals

Mole Warfare for iOS and Android - Use your accelerometer to blow up small mammals

Here at Media Wow we like to work on internal, ‘pet’ projects when ever there is time. It’s a way for us to experiment and push the boundaries safely, to improve our skill set and to exercise our creative muscles.

Mole Warfare has been such a huge undertaking, representing our first foray into smart phone game design and development. Everything from sketches and concept work, through to artworking and programming was done in-house by our very own creative manager.