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iParty Mobile is a very small mobile software company based in Charleston, South Carolina. We are specifically focused on social gaming.

I believe in creating well designed, beautiful apps that are fun and easy to use.



A fast paced arcade game, referred to as “Hungry Hungry Hippos, for an Apocalyptic Era”. You control a group of zombies, surrounding a room full of victims, reaching into the room through windows on each side of the screen to capture the brains of your victims.


unFed unDead! Does borrow the basic concepts from the game Hungry Hungry Hippos, but you will find it is a very unique game. The single player campaign...


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unFed unDead! Trailer

unFed unDead! Trailer

Zappy Duck is a Beautiful Gem in a Pool of Cruddy Flappy Bird Clones

Zappy Duck is a Beautiful Gem in a Pool of Cruddy Flappy Bird Clones


iParty! Mobile today introduces Zappy Duck, their new gaming title for iPhone and iPad. In Zappy Duck, you control a duck whose goal is to fly through a field of deadly tesla coils without touching one of them and getting Zapped. iParty! has taken the general concepts from the popular game Flappy Bird and added several unique enhancements and a level of polish not found in any other similar games.


unFed unDead! for iOS

unFed unDead! for iOS

unFed unDead!

(And 'unFed unDead! Free')