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LocationsPRO has been in the movie locations business for over 10 years and in the tv and movie business for over 30 years and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Filming Locations - The WorldWide Guide app.

Filming Locations - The Worldwide Guide App

Filming Locations - The Worldwide Guide App


LocationsPRO Releases Filming Locations – The Worldwide Guide App For iPhone



LocationsPro recently announced the release of their new app for the iPhone, Filming Locations - The WorldWide Guide. This app, according to Tom Jennings, representative for Locations Pro, helps travelers discover where their favourite films were shot and find which movies were filmed in the vicinity. Says Jennings, "If you're on holiday or just visiting a city, you can use the app to uncover the different filming locations around you. It is the perfect guide for any movie lover who is on holiday or vacation or just wants to know what movies might have been filmed near their home cities."