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Askpi Systems is Sri Lankan company that specializes in mobile application development and enterprise solutions. We have more than 10 apps in the App Store. We are also specialized ICT Solution provider catering for numerous industry domains such as Manufacturing. Marketing & Distribution, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Warehousing & Logistics and retailing. Our services are offered in ERP solutions, Software development, Consulting, Facilities management, Outsourcing, Cloud computing applications, Systems project management, Pay-As-You-Use business application systems, IT equipment and consumables supply.



WarpEm, which means warp them out. This is a simple but challenging puzzle game. This will take users touch screen navigation skills to the limit.

This is a game which requires the user to warp out objects on the screen. It is not easy as it sounds. Higher the level, harder it is to play even physically. The game is not easy as it looks.

The game has 10 unique levels and difficulty increases with each level.

There is a multiplayer mode which two players and challenge...


Best web browsers for simulation 4 Webs browsers

Now available for iPad and iPhone.

Imagine using 4 browsers at the same time. Imagine getting things done faster than usual by using 4 browsers. This is app will make that imagination a reality.

This app allows you to use 4 independent browsers at the same time. The unique about this browser is that you can scroll through 4 different browsers at the same time. You can either use 4 browsers sequentially or at the same time...


Do you want to fool and protect youself from unwanted people using your device. This is an app for that.

This can be a great app to fool friends and to avoid giving your device to anyone to use.

*3 different types of screens (two custom replicated screen, shutdown screen and blank screen).
*New screens will be added through updates
*Custom Screens can be made to replicate the home screen
*Blank Screen to view that device is not functioning properly...


See video

WarpEm Trailer

WarpEm Trailer

4Browsers, An app that emulate 4 web browsers

4Browsers, An app that emulate 4 web browsers


4Browsers app for the iPhone/iPad has been updated with improved features and bug fixes.

            Apple App Store has many apps that are web browsers. 4Browsers is an app that is designed to multitask 4 different web browsers in a single screen. It came out in April 2011.  It was updated to version 2.5 in December with major enhancements.