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JoyTunes solves a problem for 85% of the population who "wished they had learned to play an instrument" but never got past the frustrating first steps of learning to play.


We develop interactive video games controlled by regular instruments, helping children and adults to learn to play real music on real instruments.


Our unique patent-pending technology dramatically increases the motivation to practice and shortens the learning process for millions of music lovers.


Among our released products you can find the following apps in the App Store:

- JoyTunes Recorder Master

- Piano Dust Buster

- Piano Summer Games

World's First Piano Global Competition

World's First Piano Global Competition

JoyTunes proudly annouces a shiny new app: Piano Summer Games

Piano Summer Games lets people from all over the world demonstrate their skills on either a virtual on screen piano or their real home pianos. The goal of the game is to play different national anthems and represent your country in real-time global competitions held by the hour. Best performance of an anthem wins you a medal and improves your country's position in the "Clash of the Countries".