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MOBiLE CLOTH - A Revolution Against Touchscreen Fingerprints

MOBiLE CLOTH is the ultimate weapon in the fight against fingerprints and germs on your touchscreens. Made of a high tech split micro material "MC" is designed to clean mobile devices and touchscreens completely, and safely on the go, with or without and screen protector or shield.

In a few swipes MC removes fingerprints completely, dry without the need for a spray. AND if used wet MC removes up to 98% of germs using water alone! (according to an EPA study...see website for details)

MOBiLE CLOTH is gaining "street cred" amoung tech bloggers showing up in a "top 10 iPad accessories list", garnering a "5 out of 5 stars" from Beatweek Magazine and the proclamation "The best cleaning cloth I've ever used" from iPhoneincanada.

Starting at just $2.99 MC is a valuable asset in the Revolution Against Touchscreen Fingerprints!

MOBiLE CLOTH goes to the Land of OZ

MOBiLE CLOTH goes to the Land of OZ

We've gone to the land down under, where women glow and then there's thunder... According the great 80's band Men at Work! Mobile Cloth is very excited to announce the next step of it's global expansion, to the land of Koala's, Kangaroos, and big cranky crocs...

PCRange Australia, CEO Raaj Menon said that “Mobile Cloth cleans amazingly well. It is the most incredible mobile cleaning cloth I have ever used.”

So throw another shrimp on the barbi and enjoy some "down under" pricing with promo code: AUS at www.mobilecloth.com you will receive 30% Off on any order with Free Shipping on any order over $15 (USA only)

If you happen to be in Australia or New Zealand please click the link to our Aussie site on the top of our store page!

Tablets harbor more germs than toilet seats...

Tablets harbor more germs than toilet seats...

It's true... No one really wants to think about it. But iPads, and touchscreens of all kinds are transfering germs to anyone who touches them. BUT there is a simple solution. Use a MOBiLE CLOTH! Thats it... MOBiLE CLOTH removes up to 98% of germs with no chemicals from the surface of your device, besides leaving it shiny and looking new. Use dry or damp and remove fingerprints, smudges and germs in a few swipes.It is safe to use on the most sensitive surfaces and MC is washable and will last for years.

For iPhone Life Readers buy any 5 or 7 pack and use promo code: FREE5
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MOBiLE CLOTH Joins The Battle With The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to fight cancer

MOBiLE CLOTH Joins The Battle With The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to fight cancer

MOBiLE CLOTH recently joined in the fight against cancer with The National Leukimia & Lymphoma Society to raise funds and awareness. We are promoting their "Cancer Ends With Me" campaign via our website. If this is something that you have been effected by and desire to take positive action against cancer please stop by our site and look for the "cancer ends with me" banner on our store page to find out more and donate. www.mobilecloth.com Also if you use promo code: LLS you will receive 25% OFF and Free Shipping on orders over $20 and MOBiLE CLOTH will donate $2 from every purchase showing the LLS codd to The National Leukimia & Lymphoma Society. (Free Shipping USA only)