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Inkifi is an online marketplace for Instagram artwork. Print, buy or sell Instagram images as high quality art prints and much, much more.



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The perfect keep sakes.  Upload upto 24 of your favourite Instagram images and we will print them on 300gsm card and deliver them to your door for only £8.99.  The prefect way to make memories last. 

iPrintagram merges with Inkifi

iPrintagram merges with Inkifi

iPrintagramm, the leaders in mobile Instagram printing have merged with Inkifi the established Instagram Printing website. Version 3.1.0 of iPrintagram was released on Monday featuring Inkifi branding throughout. Paul Mosley of Inkifi said "We are really pleased to welcome iPrintagram into the Inkifi family, we have been working iPrintagram for over 6 months now and we appreciate their commitment to customer service and product innovation, we look forward to continuing with these values moving forward and bringing lot's of new features to the App".

13 People That You Must Follow on Instagram

With the world and his wife now snapping pictures and uploading them to their Instagram printing feeds, knowing exactly who to follow can be a tricky business.  That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 13 movers and shakers whose feeds should be placed above all others.  Because we’re nice like that, see?

1. @Instagrafite
Followers: 565K

What does Instagram mean for Professional Photographers?

When Instagram was first launched, it seemed as if anybody in possession of an iPhone and a few opposable digits could create photographs to a professional level, what with all of the retro-washed lenses and artistic filters that you pop on your snaps. However, professional photographers needn’t hang up their cameras just yet, as the honeymoon period wasn’t too long (or too sweet, come to that).