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What is the HANDeBand?

A comfortable, secure, and easy to use removable handgrip for your iPhone, iPad, eReader, or other handheld devices.

Why do I need the HANDeBand & what problem does it solve?

Smartphones, eReaders, and Tablets are getting larger by the second. With stunning Hi-Def displays, the latest handheld technology is a feast for the eyes but can be a pain on your hands.

It’s time to UNLEASH the power of your mobile, eReader, or tablet with the HANDeBand!

Simply attach the HANDeBand to the back of your iPhone or iPad, slip it on, and experience your phone, tablet, or eReader like never before.

With the HANDeBand, you’ll be in full control of your portable world, instead of it being in control of you.

HANDeBand: Getting A Grip on Your Gadgets

HANDeBand: Getting A Grip on Your Gadgets

NEW HANDeBand Heightens the Digital Experience by Increasing the Efficiency of Every Day Activities

All new portable device grip improves the ease of use of today’s smart phones, tablets and eReaders