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PT. Global Dinamika Informatika

Global Dinamika Informatika (GDI) is an IT consulting firm founded on April 2000, targeted at providing high quality solution in software development. GDI consists of ordinary people who love what their do for living. GDI will always try to create a pleasant working atmosphere, so everybody will think a job is a fun thing. 

How we work:


  • We use best practice metodology to ensure high quality, scalable, and easy to maintain solution.
  • We use SCRUM as our software development process.
  • We develop software in small iterative, incremental practices.
  • We use the international standard for software design.
  • We always give the complete source code, design, and documentation to our clients. This allows our client to select from the best vendors for future development.


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Rhythm Guitar for iPad - Hey Soul Sister (Train Cover Sabrina)

Rhythm Guitar for iPad - Hey Soul Sister (Train Cover Sabrina)

Rhythm Guitar for iPad Introduction

Rhythm Guitar for iPad Introduction


Rhythm Guitar is a must have Ipad's app for everyone who loves music and guitar. Suitable for people who love to sing a song while playing guitar, or even Professional Guitarists who want to find a new experience of playing guitar. 

Rhythm Guitar is a very fun, interesting, easy and convenient app. All we need to do is pressing a key button (or two buttons) of the intended chord and playing the guitar by strumming, plucking or even chunking its strings. We can also play music for the background. So download and try, then you will never stop playing it. 

- Realistic guitar sounds (distortion – enable).