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About me: I’m a relatively new independent developer focusing on innovative games for Apple devices. Pressure is my second game after World Of Hidden Objects (a highly rated iPad game).  I’m a finance contractor by day but I’m striving to switch to game development full time as it has become a true passion of mine.

Can you handle the PRESSURE? Find out with new puzzle app

Pressure is a brand new puzzle game challenging players with 100 brain teasing puzzles set against the clock. Suitable for all ages Pressure is a true test of composure where even the coolest of minds may crack once the time starts to count down. Pressure is exclusive to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The puzzles are straightforward with the answer found within the image shown. No prior general knowledge is required as Pressure tests observation, numerical and logic skills. The screen layout is colourful and easy to use, making it suitable for both younger and older players alike. For players who find they can’t handle the pressure, Relax Mode can be selected to give them more time to answer.

Game features: