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Located outside Houston, TX, BigSprocket is a mobile solutions provider, focused on creating high quality iPhone and iPad apps for both businesses and consumers.  Founded in 2005, and developing for Apple’s iOS platform since 2008, BigSprocket has worked with industry leading clients, developing world class enterprise apps, and amassing a vibrant portfolio, primarily in the Healthcare and Energy domains.



When was your last tetanus shot? Oil change? Hair cut? Dental cleaning? Job performance review?

We need to remember -- and possibly be reminded of -- lots of life events, but the built-in Calendar isn't ideal for that sort of thing. (It's too hard to find your old events, and many times old events don't even sync to your phone. Just entered something and it synced into the void? Ugh!) Some events are recurring, and we'd like to be reminded to do them again, such as a hair cut or an...

When Was My Last for iPhone: Keep Track of Life's Important Events

When Was My Last for iPhone: Keep Track of Life's Important Events

Katy, TX, USA — January 28th, 2014 — BigSprocket, LLC today released When Was My Last for iPhone® and iPod touch®. Sitting at the intersection of the Calendar and Reminders apps, When Was My Last is the ideal way to track items we need to remember. Tetanus Shots, Dental Cleanings, Oil Changes. You need to know when these events last happened, but the iPhone Calendar is a terrible way to track them.