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Apps by Babypoo – Silly name. Awesome Apps. Visit the www.babypoo.com.au website press kits, imagery and info on the iPhone apps now available for download from the Apple App Store. And of course links to "ExerMemo" and "MyTop3".



Important exercise habits forged by your own voice memos.


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Share and Compare Your favourite Travel.


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Press Release for ExerMemo

April 2013




New ExerMemo App - Motivation for Better Workouts Using Your Own Voice




To help people improve their workouts and lead healthier lives, BabyPoo recently announced the launch of their new health and fitness app, ExerMemo, on the iTunes App Store. This free app leverages a user’s own voice to help them squeeze more out of their fitness routines. ExerMemo provides ongoing motivation and simple reminders on maintaining proper form to help maximize people's workouts.