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We are allthirds, a development team of three brothers based in Hamburg, Germany. We founded the company last year, and with our combined experience in computer science and visual design we strive to make the most beautiful, engaging and unique applications. We value quality over quantity, and everything we do is crafted by hand. 

weekflow - the fluent calendar

weekflow - the fluent calendar

Weekflow offers a unique view of your schedule and a visceral navigation experience.
Why thumb through individual calendar months, when it is possible to scroll through an infinite stream of weeks? Weekflow displays up to 10 weeks at a glance. This way you get an overview of multiple months and even years, which makes long-term planning easier. In addition to that weekflow shows you when you are busiest that week and which calendar categories the events are assigned to. Simply pinch to fold open any week for details and tap for the complete daily view.

In the main screen, each row represents a week. The width of the individual days shows you when you are busiest that week. Three different color modes help you to get the best view: