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Andy Kiger – JWACK APPS is an independent application developer for the iPhone and iPad family of devices.  Andy Kiger is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who began application development in 2012, following 23 years of active service to the United States of America.




"Word Head" . . .  I have something very special for you.  It's a book . . . a magic tome.  It will take you places you've never, ever imagined.  You'll discover many hidden words . . . and possibly their meanings.  And if you're really good, you may discover the alphabet.  Ahhh . . . the alphabet.  What would we do without the alphabet?  Certainly not be reading these words.  This rare find is surely worth...

Word Head and the Alphabet Quest

Word Head and the Alphabet Quest

JWACK Apps Releases Word Head 1.02 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Published on 12/10/12 


Andy Kiger of JWACK Apps today introduces Word Head & The Alphabet Quest, their first game developed exclusively for iOS. Featuring 79 themed word lists, Word Head is a highly addictive puzzle game where players interact with a freely rotating 3D cube searching for and selecting words. Once all words have been found, a hint is given about a hidden word, which must then be found to win the game. Players can also create their own custom word lists from a provided word look-up in four languages.