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We are a team of developers dedicated mostly to Mac development including both mobile applications for iOS family and desktop applications for OS X family of operating systems.



This is a fast and simple test for those who suffer from asthma. It allows to determine in a few seconds, how adult patient or child had controlled his asthma in a four past week, does he require to visit his doctor immediately? Application allows to printout test results via AirPrint or send it to the doctor by e-mail. For urgent situation direct phone calling to doctor is supported. 


English, Russian and Sweden interface is provided.


Space Storms 1.0 released

Space Storms 1.0 released

Free application Space Storms for iPhone is devoted to get info about current weather in nearest space to every user. You can check current level of the solar, geomagnetic, or radio storms with one tap - application gets fresh data from the NOAA space weather prediction center every three hours.

With help of  Space Storms you do not depend anymore on strange and sometime panic comments made by TV guys/girls - you always get the precious and authentic information.

Space Storms is based on simple NOAA scale, which is more than enough fore precious user. Additionally application allows to get info - how current state of space storms  impacts on different object and systems: