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TigerFace Games is an independent game developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We create multiplayer games for children on iPad, Android and other touch devices scuh as mcirosoft Pixelsense and the SMART Table.

We create learning games, but are influenced by games and education in equal measure. Our games are designed as games from the ground up, against the past trend of clumsily integrating learning into existing ideas, and the result is original gameplay which kids will want to play again and again.

Equator and Smash Party, our first two releases, are out this month.

Achieve Perfect Maths Balance With Equator from 23rd August

Achieve Perfect Maths Balance With Equator from 23rd August

EDINBURGH, Scotland, 13th August - Independent game developer TigerFace Games will
release collaborative multiplayer title Equator on iPad and Android tablets on the 23rd of

Equator is set on a tiny planet inhabited by two farmers. In order to reap a successful harvest
throughout the year, each farmer has to work together to balance the soil and promote healthy
growth. This manifests itself as a sum-balancing maths game for two, played on a single tablet
device, in which players use pre-determined handouts of numbers and mathematical operators
to create a calculation with the same answer as that of the other player.

Set across four seasons, Equator includes all levels of mental arithmetic skills from addition