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SecurEnvoy is the creator of patented tokenless solutions for two-factor authentication. Millions of global users already benefit from the fastest mobile authentication process available that doesn’t require a token. The process uses devices like mobile and smartphones, tablets and laptops to provide the passcode required for authentication. Even without mobile phone reception or an internet connection, the user can retrieve the code via voice call or enable identification using one-swipe technology, which is based on a QR code scan. The product range of the company based in London (UK), Frankfurt (D), New York and San Diego (USA) includes the SecurAccess solution. The administration tools can easily be integrated into existing IT infrastructures and allow administrators to add up to 100,000 users per hour. SC Magazine awarded the solution ‘Best Buy’ and the company was classed as a leading visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

PCI-compliant payment processing: Tokenless two-factor authentication overcomes the compliance issues

Service companies in particular hold a large amount of customer data that requires a high level of protection. When storing information for processing payments, companies also have to meet special PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance requirements. Amongst other things, these requirements stipulate that the company’s internal system login cannot be protected with just a password alone. In this situation, tokenless two-factor authentication from SecurEnvoy offers the perfect solution. Employees receive a numerical code via SMS on their mobile phone, which they can then enter in addition to their password.

SecurEnvoy whitepaper "The principle of tokenless two-factor authentication " available as free download

Solely using passwords to protect sensitive user accounts seems to be too dangerous since some "prominent" data breaches. Solutions that require two (or more) factors for user identification, are gaining popularity, because only the correct combination allows the login. How two-factor authentication works, what tokens are and why tokenless identification is much more flexible explains security expert SecurEnvoy in his latest white paper. "The principles of tokenless two-factor authentication" can be downloaded for free from now on the manufacturer's website.

Lockton International switches to the tokenless authentication solution SecurAccess

Lockton International switches to the tokenless authentication solution SecurAccess

Take precautions rather than losing out: This motto is especially true for insurance brokers such as Lockton International. The company not only attaches great importance to this philosophy with regard to its customers, but also with regard to its own IT infrastructure and the access rights for its corporate network. Lockton previously protected its data using a token-based two-factor authentication solution, which turned out to be too expensive. As a result, the company changed to the tokenless method SecurAccess from SecurEnvoy. This combines the entry of personal login details and a passcode, which is sent either via SMS to employees’ mobile phones or as an app on their device.