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Random House Mondadori

Random House Mondadori is the Spanish publishing house with the most Apps of its books in the AppStore. Its Apps for iPad® and iPhone® include: Dime quién soy (Julia Navarro); Fall of Giants (La caída de los gigantes), The Pillars of the Earth (Los pilares de la tierra) and World Without End (Un mundo sin fin) (Ken Follett); Cathedral of the Sea (La catedral del mar) and Fátima’s Hand (La mano de Fátima) (Ildefonso Falcones); Library of the Dead (La biblioteca de los muertos) (Glenn Cooper); Mar de fuego (Chufo Lloréns); Si tú me dices ven lo dejo todo… pero dime ven (Albert Espinosa), and theAlexander trilogy (Alexandros) by Valerio Massimo Manfredi. IT’S BEDTIME! / ¡A DORMIR! is the first digital product published by Random House Mondadori based on a book but that does not replicate the contents of the book as such.

It's Bedtime! iPhone app based on Dr. Eduard Estivill’s sleeping method

 It's Bedtime! iPhone app based on Dr. Eduard Estivill’s sleeping method

Sleeping correctly is something kids learn, and many parents just don’t have the right tools to properly teach their kids this habit. As a result, one out of three children under the age of five has some form of insomnia or sleep disorder.

Based on Dr. Eduard Estivill’s popular sleeping method, which has sold over two million copies in its paper version and has been translated into twenty languages, Random House Mondadori presents the Apps IT’S BEDTIME! and ¡A DORMIR! for iPhone and iPod Touch to help parents teach their children the habit of sleep.