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Petralex ® is a hearing aid application based on iPhone or iPad, running same principles as conventional wearable hearing aid. Auto-adjusting to your personalized profile, completely invisible to anyone - use it with a regular headset!

Hearing Aid revolutionized with a simple APP: Petralex

Hearing Aid revolutionized with a simple APP: Petralex

Most hearing aids are only meant to help compensate for hearing impairments. A hearing aid that is more complex or offers multiple functions can be costly and require a qualified individual to configure the device, and further provide additional maintenance.

Petralex app takes the work out of configuring. No audiograms are needed, or trained professionals to preform special tone adjustments. The Petralex app provides total hearing aid functionality, giving the user the benefits of a high-end hearing aid, but for a fraction of the cost. It's comfortable enough to be used every day.