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“JED GAMES”, specializes in developing applications for mobile platforms (iPad, iPhone, Android) and social networks (facebook.com, vk.com, my.mail.ru, odnoklassniki.ru e.t.c.).

We are interested in working with partners that would advance our projects in the networks to participate with us in joint projects and earn together!

Funny Bunny Tales HD: Funny Game for iPad/iPhone devices!

Funny Bunny Tales HD: Funny Game for iPad/iPhone devices!

Everybody loves cute and furry bunnies. That is why when those charming creatures need help it’s impossible to say no. If you like kind and vivid fairytales the game Funny Bunny was created especially for you. A big bunny family faced with horrible catastrophe – during the terrible night hurricane their crops were destroyed. But a brave bunny Funny decided to defy the odds and find the food to save his brothers and sisters from hunger. Though he should stand against magic villains – a witch, large-toothed hunting dog, spiteful postman and avaricious leprechaun – nothing will prevent him from planting carrot seeds and harvesting.