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Launched in 2007 and with now over 3.5 million members, MyNetDiary is a comprehensive, modern online and mobile weight loss service that helps members lose weight safely through calorie tracking while following American Dietetic Association guidelines.

MyNetDiary offers free and paid subscriptions that include personalized analysis of calorie and nutrient needs, assistance with target weight goals, access to personalized progress charts and a state-of-the-art Diabetes and Health tracking service.

MyNetDiary offers iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry apps for instant mobile tracking and has been featured in USA Today, NPR Morning Edition, Health Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Mac|Life and on Lifetime Network, NBC-TV and FOX 5 in DC.

MyNetDiary Release GPS Tracker for Running and Exercise Activities

MyNetDiary Release GPS Tracker for Running and Exercise Activities

Cherry Hill, New Jersey (June 28, 2013) – MyNetDiary, a comprehensive food diary, recently released its latest app, the MyNetDiary GPS Tracker for iPhone. This new app tracks and calculates calories burned during motion-based activities (running, biking, walking, hiking, and skiing).

For those with a MyNetDiary account, which is free to join, the data is automatically synced to the account and the calories burned are factored into the day’s calorie balance. However, this app can also be used by itself without an account.