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Kingnet Technology is a leading developer and publisher of both social and mobile games, based in Shanghai, China. Founded in 2008, Kingnet has established a reputation of bringing high quality games to gamers across Asia. The company intends to launch over 5 social and mobile titles in North America and Europe during 2013, with many more to come next year.



Aside from innovative multiplayer, Lords of Darkness let’s players develop their own combat style, with countless upgrades, schools of magic, and multiple unit types. The game’s hexagonal grid also allows for advance maneuvers, granting victory not to players with the best units, but to the players who can plan an effective attack. Furthermore, the game boasts a robust guild system and co-op missions, so when you are not destroying your friends on the battlefield,...


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Lords of Darkness Introduction Trailer

Lords of Darkness Introduction Trailer

Plan Ahead, Lords of Darkness Coming in August

Plan Ahead, Lords of Darkness Coming in August

Kingnet Announces Next Generation Strategy Mobile Game


Shanghai – July 11, 2013 – Today, Kingnet Technology announced their newest strategy mobile game, Lords of Darkness, available first on iOS this August.


Unlike existing strategy mobile games such as Clash of Clans or Kingdom of Camelot, Lords of Darkness features a fully controllable battle system. When one player invades another player's citadel, each side will take turns commanding their units and devising a strategy on a hexagonal grid, much like that of the classic Heroes of Might and Magic series.