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Karmasation is the first App developed by GFO Design LLC, a company that specializes in creative design solutions. Gabriel Fernandez-Obregon founded GFO Design in 2004 in Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA.

Karmasation Available on the iPhone App Store

Karmasation Available on the iPhone App Store


New Jersey, United States — April 7, 2013 — GFO Design LLC announced today that their App, Karmasation, is now available exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch. Karmasation allows users to both post and vote anonymously, earning and awarding karma points along the way. ­­­­

In Karmasation, each time a user posts, a 24-hour poll is created, giving other users the opportunity to vote and award good or bad karma. Based on the majority vote, the person who posted earns one good or bad karma point. Voters also earn karma points for appropriately recognizing karma based on whether or not their vote agrees with the majority. In addition, as polls close, karma points are plotted on a map so users can identify areas of good and bad karma.