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Jebs Apps, LLC (www.JebsApps.com) was founded by three friends who wanted to make mobile applications that people would enjoy and want to use. We offer Full and Lite versions for our applications (Lite versions contain limited functionality and are supported by advertisements). Our applications are currently being used in over 59 countries, with the larger markets being United States, United Kingdom, France and Canada.



GoldenPic tells photographers & filmmakers when the lighting will be just right for outdoor photography, and tells hikers, hunters, campers, pilots and anglers about important times of the day for their activities. (Network required for some functionality)

Architectural, Landscape, Wedding, Sports, Nature and Real Estate Photographers will absolutely love this app!

Plan your photo shoots for the best lighting at any location on any date.

All the important info in one...

GoldenPic 2.0 Released to Improve Your Outdoor Photography

GoldenPic 2.0 Released to Improve Your Outdoor Photography

After being completely rebuilt from the ground up, you can delete all those "other" apps and let the all new GoldenPic be your one-stop-app! GoldenPic 2.0 now includes:

* Sunrise & Sunset Times
* Golden Hour (aka Magic Hour) Times
* Blue Hour Times
* Moonrise & Moonset Times
* Moon Phase
* Sunrise/Sunset Compass
* 5 ways to choose locations
* Current Weather with 7-Day Extended Forecast
* Save locations (GPS)
* Integrated Map It! functionality with directions to your saved locations
* Email information to yourself, a client or a friend from within the app
* Time and Temp format settings
* Automatic Timezone detection
* Automatically remember last location
* Choose any date
* Slick Interface
* Ad Free!

Memory Jar for iOS create awesome slideshows with music of your kids, wedding, newborn, entire year of memories and more....

Memory Jar for iOS create awesome slideshows with music of your kids, wedding, newborn, entire year of memories and more....

When it comes to having children, memorable events can happen on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis. Those big events, like the birth of a child, the death of a loved one or maybe that family vacation to the Grand Canyon are easy to remember. But, what about those little events that happen throughout the year, slipping out of mind forever? How about a child losing their first tooth or attending their first ball game? Maybe feeling a baby move for the first in an expectant mother's belly or a child taking their first step? These are all wonderful moments that would be great to share with friends and family members, but all too often get forgotten about, until now!

GoldenPic Makes Outdoor Photography Easier

GoldenPic Makes Outdoor Photography Easier

When it comes to outdoor photography, any photographer will tell you how much lighting plays in getting that perfect shot. Now, instead of trying to figure out when those times will be, reach for GoldenPic. This is a must have app for Photographers!

Occasionally an app comes along that changes they way you do things, makes things easier and really helps you out... This is one of those rare apps!