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Galta Apps

Founded in 2012 in Paris, Galta Apps develops fun and useful iPhone and iPad apps for groups of friends and family. 

Ensemble - The iOS App Suite For Vacationing With Friends And Family

Paris, France - Galta Apps releases Ensemble, an iPhone and iPad app suite for groups of friends vacationing together. Checked, Spent and Scored make task planning, expense tracking and game scoring a breeze so that friends can focus on what matters most: a great vacation!

* Checked! takes care of planning and task distribution. As an assignment driven to-do list, Checked focuses on making sure all tasks are assigned and none are left behind. Thanks to Ensemble's automatic sync engine, all friends can participate and add to-dos from their own devices, and get notified whenever one is assigned to them. Seeing who's in charge of what, assigning tasks and tracking their progress have never been easier.