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Double Duck LTD is a young and fresh game development studio founded by passionate casual and hardcore gamers. The studio is focused on developing and polishing gameplay experiences, to deliver the most fun and fluent gameplay possible for every platform. Currently developing for HTML5 and iOS, Double Duck aims to become a leader in mobile game development and publishing. Double Duck is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Blackjack is making a huge comeback in "Best Blackjack", new mobile social game from Double Duck

Blackjack is making a huge comeback in

Double Duck is storming the app store with a new and amazing, world spanning Blackjack game!

TEL AVIV, May 19, 2013 --Double Duck, the coolest young game development studio from Tel Aviv, is launching Best Blackjack for iPhone and iPod touch, and the world of casino games will never be the same.

“We love the game of blackjack” says Odi Weinberger, CEO of Double Duck, “And we want to see it join the ranks of poker and slots as the big 3 casino games on mobile platforms. This amazing, tactical and fun game was overlooked for a long time, and now we’re bringing it back!”.