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Dependency is a new Australian business specialising in apps for iOS devices, iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch. We try to be a little bit "out of the box", and for our apps to do something that the other apps don't do.

Our developers have 30 years of professional commercial software development. This isn't just a hobby for us, it's what we do for a living.

Kanji Towers Game

Kanji Towers Game

Kanji Towers is a fun new game from Dependency for learning the first 440 Japanese Kanji.

(And for learning Hiragana and Katakana if you need to).

In the App Store

Kanji Towers has over 1000 questions including sound, read by a native Japanese speaker.
Each question is multiple choice and getting one right lets you drop a kanji onto those you have already dropped below.

As you drop the kanji they pile up to form bamboo towers, gradually getting higher and higher.

You complete the level by "reaching the sky" with one of your towers.


1 on 1 Presentation on your iPad

1 on 1 Presentation on your iPad

Simple Presentations ia great for one-on-one presentations.
It's easy to create the presentation with combinations of text, images and video. And even easier to present them by just swiping left and right on your iPad (or iPhone, iPod touch). You can also use an iPhone to HDMI cable to display the presentation on a digital projector or TV.

Presentations can also be set to play automatically. And the whole presentation has a default color scheme, font, background etc... Changing these in one place changes them for the whole presentation. Or they can be overridden for individual slides.

Simple Presentation is great for a one on one sales presentation ,and also a great teaching tool.

Spiroids Free for a Day

Spiroids Free for a Day

Spiroids is free for a very limited time.

Spiroids lets you draw with a spiroid paintbrush. You just drag your finger across the screen and it generates miniature spiroids in a trail behind you. Kids love it. Parents pretend they're buying it for their kids.

You can also generate all kinds of "traditional" spiroid patterns, but don't stop there. With Spiroids you aren't limited to wheels inside circles. You can generate cool spiriods inside squares, triangles, even inside love hearts.