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We are young ,creative team which follows the newest trends in IT technologies and also develops them. Our slogan is : A better choice!
We permanently search for perfect, up to date and sophisticated solutions in the field of application and e – books publishing. We bring a new strategy with extraordinary dimension. We offer innovative, modern solutions for your projects within mobile applications. Our aim is to obtain an excellent design, perfect function and top quality. We focus on development of different iPhone applications in various categories.

Snap photos by clapping hands !

Snap photos by clapping hands !

With this new photography app users won’t miss any opportunity to catch a picture because of inconvenient shutter buttons or other complicated features. All the magic happens with Snap Clap just by the user clapping their hands.

Developed by DS Corporation, revolutionary Snap Clap photography app resolves the painful problem affecting people all around the world that have to decide who will stand behind the camera, and who will be included in the picture. By taking simple steps everybody can capture the most awesome moments spent together with their friends. All users have to do is just place their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad wherever they want and clap their hands.