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We're a small team of 5 passionate IT professionals who have always loved games, and have always had a dream of creating our own game to bring joy into millions of people's everyday lives. We all had some free time outside of our day jobs, but didn't have enough money to invest in a big project. At the end of 2010, we felt it was time to develop a small but high-quality and addictive iOS game to fulfill our dream.

We've come a long way since then. After three years of highs and lows, redesigns and woes, Breathing Bytes was born, along with its first child, Orbs of Eternity, which we're proud to share with you. It'll be available soon on the App Store.


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Orbs of Eternity Trailer

Orbs of Eternity Trailer

Orbs of Eternity is available for free for a limited time!

Orbs of Eternity is available for free for a limited time!

Don't miss the chance, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Take on huge battles against multiple opponents and tweak your tactics to outsmart them!
Your magic orbs draw energy from eternity, but so do the ones belonging to your opponents.

"Orbs of Eternity is fun, addicting and smart."
"If you're someone who likes fast-paced tactical strategy games, then Orbs of Eternity needs to be on your download list."

"It's terribly addictive once you try it out for the first time."
"a smart game which makes you think and is also quite entertaining overall."

"surprisingly engaging and addictive."

Capture all "Orbs of Eternity" using smart tactics and precise timing

Capture all

In Orbs of Eternity, you and your opponents control magic orbs, which store and generate energy. You can transfer energy between orbs by connecting them with beams. Transferring energy can be used to protect your own orbs, attack the opponent's or occupy inactive ones for extra energy. Your goal is to occupy all of your opponents' orbs using precise timing and smart tactics.

Watch our trailer: http://youtu.be/h97f8X61v2Q
Orbs of Eternity's website: http://www.orbsofeternity.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OrbsOfEternity
Twitter: http://twitter.com/OrbsofEternity