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Boulogne Jonkers

Boulogne Jonkers Design Studio is located in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. One of their divisions, AppStudio, thinks up, develops and designs applications for the iPhone and the iPad. 

Boulogne Jonkers is a small company consisting of 9 people, sometimes they are joined by interns from nearby universities.

Initiatives of Boulogne Jonkers include Boulogne Papers, Qstock.eu, Boulogne Images, CardLost and StuffLost.

AppStudio introduces StuffLost

AppStudio introduces StuffLost

Never again lose stuff with StuffLost


StuffLost is a new application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Never again lose the stuff you’ve lent with this app. Who borrows what and when is easy to keep track of. You can also keep track of stuff you’ve borrowed. In addition users can synchronise items between each other.



·      Synchronisation with other users. Both manually and automatically.

·      Receive push-messages when some one lends you stuff.

·      A quick overview of all your lent/borrowed stuff.