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AthleteInMe.com® is a consumer resource offering high-quality, evidence-based information on exercise, fitness, training, and sports nutrition.  Emphasis is placed on the health-promoting effects of exercise.  The web site, and its unique "Exercise Calorie Converter" mobile app have received numerous citations and awards.

Weight loss app presents calorie information as 'exercise equivalents'

Weight loss app presents calorie information as 'exercise equivalents'

PHOENIX / The mobile weight loss app, Exercise Calorie Converter by AthleteInMe.com®, aims to help users make decisions by showing the time needed to burn the calories in common restaurant menu items.

“Many people understand how calories affect their diet,” says Stan Reents, PharmD, president and CEO of AthleteInMe.com®. “But almost no one realizes how long they have to exercise to burn-off those same calories.”

Researchers at Johns Hopkins, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and Texas Christian have all validated this principle, showing that, when consumers view calorie amounts in the form of “exercise equivalents,” they make better selections.