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Based in London, Apppli designs, develops and markets world-class, bespoke mobile and web applications. Apppli's expertise combined with our commitment to developing market leading solutions in time and on budget makes us a natural fit for entrepreneurial start-ups and high growth businesses.

Our Mission: To provide our clients with a full suite of digital services all in one place, providing inter-disciplinary expertise on tap.
Our Promise: To share our client’s vision and work together to deliver greater profits and prominence within the digital space.

Interactive Graphic Novel, The Flame, hailed as ‘Slumdog Millionaire for the Olympics.’


Innovative publishing house spreads the Olympic spirit with their new graphic novel for the iPad, The Flame, an inspirational tale of honour, courage and determination.

Mishu the Dragon- the First Multi-Player Game of its Kind for iPhone

Mishu the Dragon- the First Multi-Player Game of its Kind for iPhone

Pioneering game developers launch runner iPhone game with live multi-player functionality

Game development studio Human G&A make gaming history this week with their launch of Mishu the Dragon runner game for iPhone and iPod Touch. As the first runner game of its kind to implement live multi-player functionality, Human G&A are certain to make an impact on the gaming market with their app which promises fast gameplay, colourful characters and high definition landscapes.

Mireo launches Don't Panic GPS Navigation App

Mireo launches “DON’T PANIC” GPS Navigation App


Leading navigation software firm raises the bar with affordable, revolutionary fast hi-tech GPS app for iPhone and Android


London, UK – 06/2011– Navigation technology firm Mireo has today announced the launch of “DON’T PANIC”, a turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for iPhone and Android. Using the most advanced and industry new algorithms for spectacularly fast routing calculation, DON’T PANIC transforms your smartphone into a very powerful GPS tool, up to 100 times faster than similar products.