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Shape of Sound is an apps and software consultancy that delivers rich media experiences to advertising, media and software clients. Shape of Sound develops a range of iPad and iPhone apps allowing users to have simple swipe based pad tools to interact with sounds and visualizations in creative and engaging ways.



Sketch Synth 2 is here to let you shape and sculpt sound by simply drawing it on a pad, no dials or faders, just simple pad swipes.


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Apps4iDevices Review Sketch Synth 3D

Apps4iDevices Review Sketch Synth 3D

Shape of Sound Releases Sketch Synth 2

Shape of Sound Releases Sketch Synth 2

Sketch Synth 2 has just been released on the app store for iPad. The next evolution in the Sketch Synth series lets you casually draw in deep geometric modulations onto pads to really scult and shape your sounds. It comes with over 50 preset loops that can be layered up on top of eachother in different themed scenes, so if you feel like making high energy the head to the chiptune scene; and if you feel like dark bass and dubstep then head to the punisher scene.