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Custom-made software development, testing (all types), maintenance. Software localization (for Russian, English, German). Consulting: app's availability, developing and maintenance costs evaluation. Outsourcing and IT infrastructure support. Mobile business-application and games (2D, 3D) for iPhone, iPad and WinPhone. Web-applications and their mobile versions. Database creating plus interface for working with them (Web, desktop, mobile). Desktop applications for Windows, MacOSX.



FairPair is a puzzle, that is perfectly suited for children. It develops logic and the associative thinking. Game objective - to find logically linked pictures. FairPair and FairPairHD for iPad are both optimized for Retina displays. 

  • The game is free, has no build-in purchases and any advertisment banners either
  • There are 60 pictures in different thematics.
  • The game's atmosphere is...