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Pideo iTunes


What is Pideo?

Pideo is an iOS App for iPad (iPhone version coming soon) that lets you create and share video from pictures easily with your voice and drawing while you are navigating and working on the pictures. We called the created video a “Pideo”. You can easily email the Pideo or  to share them instantly to Twitter or Facebook.

What can I do with Pideo?

Piode is designed for productivity, for work, for fun, for entertainment …...

Tiff Fax Viewer iTunes

TiffFaxViewer can handle multiple pages fax received electronically in TIFF format. You can now easily view your multiple pages fax.

Viewing :-
- Supports "Open-In" for email attachment
- Supports open from Album for saved TIFF images
- Supports copy (from email) & paste into the App
- Fast page navigation (previous & next button, touch to swipe, tap on page number for wheel navigation)
- Supports page rotation
- Supports multi-touch...

OneTapAhead iTunes

★★★★★ The Camera App That Act Ahead of Your Finger ★★★★★
★★★★★ Super Fast Start-up & Buffer Shots Immediately ★★★★★

OneTapAhead is an innovative photo app that helps you capture precious moments of yours and always acts ahead of your finger. It also starts in lightning speed, less than a second on iPhone 4S running iOS 5.1.

With OneTapAhead, you will never miss the first steps of your child, the first kiss of your kitten and dog, or even the first encounter of your cat...

EZ Capture Pro@golf swing iTunes

★★★★★ The Only Golf Swing Capture & Analysis App That Have Dual Camera Support ★★★★★
★★★★★ The Only App that Exports Your Swing in Slow Motion With Analysis Drawings ★★★★★
★★★★★ The Only App that Captures Your Swing Automatically ★★★★★

Don't care when to start recording, you just need to stop.

EZ Capture Pro is an App that every passionate golfer will love and which surely can help improve your swing with "Dual Camera" support. With the branding...

Zmart Remote Pro - Universal Remote To Control All Your Devices with Just Your Smartphone (iOS/Android) / World's smallest universal remote iTunes

The world's smallest Universal Remote for iOS and Android devices Turns your iOS devices and Android* smartphones into a Powerful Universal Remote to control all your devices. Controls your devices such as TV, DVD, VCR, Home Theater, Blu-ray, Cable Boxes, Satellite Boxes, Receivers, etc. Control a combination of 200,000 devices and cover 95% of the brands in the market.


  • Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and Android Smartphones.
  • Zmart Remote Pro...