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Zed Destroyer iTunes

Destroy the zombies, save the humans!

The long dreaded zombie apocalypse is upon us! Until a cure is found, Dr. Eugene Laurchan created Bill the Robot to defend us against the zombies.

As Bill the Robot, you and your lasers are all that stands between a total zombie takeover and the survival of human civilization. Unlock a motley crew along the way to fortify humanity’s defenses and aim for the crates to upgrade weapons and volleys against the horde. Just...

My Cash Clock iTunes

Where's all your cash going? Did it seem like your money is going down the drain? Discover what your net worth is and how much your existence costs you!

Fine-tuning your budget is easier than ever with the My Cash Clock app! Determine how much your lifestyle costs you every year, right down to the second. Simply input your income and expense streams to discover the value of your personal net worth.

Gain financial perspective and discover your net worth with the My Cash...

Meme Something iTunes

Create Your Own Custom Memes Quickly and Easily

Epic! Thought-provoking! Fun! Easily create your own funny or inspiring memes using any image using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

All you have to do is take a picture, add text and hilarious add-on graphics which can be moved and scaled, and share it with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors – share it with everybody!


  • Easily create new memes by selecting from your existing...
Hexatap iTunes

Test your memory with a crazy cacophony of buttons in the exciting game Hexatap!

Challenge your friends in multi-player mode or play in single player mode. Match all 16 hilarious sounds to the buttons to light up the board as a single player or connect four sounds before your opponent does by playing with friends.

Download this fun game to your iPad and iPhone today!

Hexatap Features:

  • Available for iPad, iPhone, and other...
Smuurk iTunes

Smuurk! The social platform where you can share your most epic tales and your most mortifying moments!

Put your own applause-worthy stories, ponderous thoughts, or shameful disgraces to the smuurk vote. Vote, share, and comment on other worldly smuurkers’ thoughts and tales.

Smuurk and be proud!

Smuurk Features:

  • Browse the most popular smuurk stories.
  • Vote to be the last man or woman smuurking.
  • Like hilarious smuurks or dislike lame...
MyEzineArticles iTunes

Receive massive exposure and increase your credibility by creating original, quality articles right from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with the MyEzineArticles app!

What’s MyEzineArticles? EzineArticles' new MyEzineArticles app helps on-the-go Expert Authors easily write articles to share with the millions of EzineArticles' unique visitors and thousands of publishers searching for your articles worldwide.

Harness this incredible exposure and give your...

Black Friday Companion iTunes

Create the Black Friday shopping experience of a lifetime!

Black Friday Companion gives you all the tools you'll need to compile the deals, create your shopping list, plan your route, track your purchases, and make the most out of this once-a-year shopping extravaganza!


  • Deal Tracker - Track the Black Friday deals you don't want to miss!
  • Quick Views - Browse product previews and discover how much money you...
Atta iTunes

Quitting smoking isn't a cakewalk. If you're serious about quitting, you need to buckle down, get support, find tools, and face the facts. The Atta app can help.

Whether you're quitting cold turkey or weaning yourself off, Atta is designed to tailor itself to you, your needs, and your lifestyle.

Easily create a basic profile, including your name, age, and smoking habits. Use the "I smoked a cigarette" screen each time you light up and let Atta do the rest...

Type Defender iTunes

They may be cute. They may be cuddly. But don't let them enter your castle! Type Defender - who says spelling can't be fun?!

Protect your honey and earn gold by spelling out words. Defend your castle against cute puppies, radishes, octopuses, butterflies, and chameleons. Use gold to buy spells, moats, and more in Ye Old Shoppe. Save gold to add to your loot pile and earn a place in the Type Defender Leaderboards via Game Center. Perfect your typing and increase your no-miss...

Ad Lib for Kids iTunes

Create a new and fun story every time with Ad Lib for Kids

Ad Lib for Kids is fun to play with friends or by yourself. Simply select your heroes, fill in the fields with the words called for, personalize it with a photo, and share it with friends for a great laugh.

Let your imagination run wild to become an ad-lib word master - it's that easy!

Ad Lib for Kids Features:

  • Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • Fun storyboard templates
  • ...