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A Princess Tale: An Interactive Book iTunes


Ushering in a new era of interactive storybooks, A Princess Tale is a children’s book in polished app form. Throughout an interactive journey of doing chores, feeding animals and picking out the perfect outfit,  A Princess Tale is the perfect storybook for girls ages 3 - 9 and toddlers. The road to the ball is full of energetic learning games and story telling! Tested by teachers and developed by parents, A Princess Tale is a phenomenal new app that both kids and...

Working on the Railroad: Train Your Toddler iTunes


A nursery rhyme for generations, Working on The Railroad is an interactive kids game that takes place through tunnels over rivers, across valleys and into the mountains. This educational sing a long is a fun and addictive app that sings its way across scenes that you can push and interact with. Incorporating puzzles, spelling and matching games, if you are looking for the perfect music app for your child this is it! Working on the Railroad is an app to play, learn and sing with...

Santa's World - An Interactive Game for Kids and Elves Alike! iTunes


Ushering in this Christmas season, Santa’s World is a children’s educational adventure in polished app form. This unique app is centered around helping Santa get ready for Christmas through a series of exciting educational games. Help the elves by building toys, choosing an outfit for Santa, decorating the Christmas Tree and even packing Santa’s bag for the sleigh! Santa’s World is the perfect holiday game for kids and elves alike! 

Over In The Meadow: Sing Your Numbers iTunes


Over In The Meadow is an extraordinary Early Learning app for ages 1-5. Created by parents and kindergarten teachers, we use the latest educational techniques to encourage learning and hand-eye coordination in our games. 


How do you know its good? We play it with our own children! 


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★Learning Games!

- Educational counting and matching games!

- Help the animals...