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Tracy Sebastian is the wife of a scattered businessman and the mother of four. The oldest is out in the "real world", the second is in college, and the third and fourth are in elementary school.

Tracy's goal is to make the lives of mothers better by sharing her mistakes - so they don't have to make their own. She loves to travel and take pictures and tries to incorporate both into her every-day life. Her motto - "Don't Panic - It could be worse."

Fitness Heart Rate Monitor


Exciting news from Scosche... They will be releasing an iPhone/iTouch app and accessory, in the upcoming months, that monitors your heart rate during workouts via a sport armband. More details to come.

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iPhone 3GS Video & Camera


Here is the power of the camera on the 3GS. These pictures were taken tonight from the Kid Rock concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.





Firethorn just announced an app to be released before the end of the year. It will consolidate and manage your banking, frequent flier and gift card accounts. The app will be called SWAGG.

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World Card Mobile


Here I am sitting on my hotel room floor going through ALL the business cards I was given by all the awesome people I met last night. One guy worked with my husband 10 years ago!! Small world - especially in Vegas.


Well.....am I going to enter all this contact info one at a time? I don't think so. I'm not lazy, I'm efficient.


World Card Mobile does all the work. On clean, easy to read cards it works 100%.

At CES - TGiPhone

We made it to CES. I used the iPhone to check our flight status, check traffic to the airport and amused myself during the flight. The press party was packed! We got our badges and are ready to hit the floor. TGIF for the iPhone. My room doesn't have pay-per-view. I'm going rent a movie on iTunes right on my iPhone and watch that instead. I deserve better than broadcast TV! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Ahhhh, iPhone



Ahhhhhh, iPhone, take me away. With the iPhone, I can blog, soak, listen to music and read the latest novel on the eReader app from Steve Berry, The Paris Vendetta, all in the tub. Do not attempt yourself - unless you have a non-slip case.

Voice Control


I have been taking full advantage of the Voice Control feature of my 3GS. It works great. Some names do need to be simplfied.... It confused my husband and my father-in-law's names. I changed my husband's name to "Husband". Now, I press and hold my earbud mic and say "Call Husband". Problem solved. My wish: a sexy male voice - preferably Scottish.

iSpy - Web Cams


iSpy - Web Cams is a very cool app that can be used for fun and/or education. See live web cam shots from around the globe - even control some of the cameras!!

The sun is slowly setting right now somewhere on Earth. Watch it as it slowly dips below the horizon line. Then switch views and gaze upon the sun reemerging on the opposite side of our great planet.



I'm sitting in the car waiting to pick-up the trolls from school.

Why is "Fox on Demand" not working? Why does my browser not have Flash installed? What's Steve Jobs' number???

I want my GLEE!!!!


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