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Todd Bernhard is a bestselling (6+ million downloads) award-winning (AARP, About.com, BestAppEver.com) developer and founder of NoTie.NET, an app developer specializing in Talking Ringtone apps including AutoRingtone.

An iPhone is almost always attached to his hip, but over the years, Bernhard has owned an Apple Newton, a Motorola Marco, an HP 95LX, a Compaq iPaq, a Palm Treo, and a Nokia e62.

In addition to writing for iPhone Life, Mr. Bernhard has written for its sister publications, PocketPC Magazine and The HP Palmtop Paper.

In Praise of the App Store


As an app developer, I have to be thankful for the App Store. It's the only legitimate way to get custom apps on iOS devices. Mac developers have a choice, and I know there are Mac App developers who prefer to sell their software in more traditional methods. Some offer their apps both on the Mac App Store and via download. Today, I had two different reasons to feel discouraged from using such apps.

Apple Watch Heartrate Monitor On Par With Human Expert


I gave blood today. No need to thank me, I did it for the free snacks and t-shirt. But seriously, it was an opportunity to get my heart rate measured by an expert and compare it to my Apple Watch. The good news? Both the watch and the American Red Cross nurse said my heart rate was fine. The nurse measured me at 68 Beats Per Minute and my Apple Watch measured 67 BPM, which is well within the margin of error. So I've got that going for me!

Apple Watch Unboxing Animation


Instead of a traditional unboxing video, I thought I'd compile some photos I took last Friday when I received my Apple Watch and turn them into an animated GIF. I did the same with the screenshots from the Apple Watch App installation process. Enjoy!

MOBI Cube Is a Fun and Functional Bluetooth Speaker


MOBI gave me the opportunity to try its MOBI Cube White Bluetooth Speaker with 360° Light Show ($29.95) and I'm glad I did. So is my daughter, who liked the fun light show that the speaker offers. In fact, the light show has five modes and can be synced to your Bluetooth or wired music source. The MOBI Cube is surprisingly well-built given the price point of just around $30. Plus who wouldn't like how cute the MOBI Cube is. It reminds me of my Rubik's Cube—which I was a champion at solving, by the way! And when it's turned off, the MOBI Cube is still pretty stylish and wouldn't be out of place in an Apple Store or the Museum of Modern Art!

Apple Watch Struggling with Tattoos


The Apple Watch uses some clever algorithms to detect if it is on your wrist. For example, through the use of sensors, including a camera, the Apple Watch can detect blood flow and react differently than if it was on your desk. This is important for Apple Pay and fitness notifications. When the watch is removed from your wrist, you need to re-authenticate on your iPhone to use Apple Pay. This way, if the Apple Watch is stolen, it cannot be used indefinitely to make payments.

Apple Pay Makes Inroads


Apple Pay has done quite well by any standard, but until now it had not been officially accepted at Best Buy nor had Discover supported it with its cards. The momentum behind Apple Pay is strong, though, and those barriers have been or are about to be broken. AppleInsider reports that Discover Card announced that it will support Apple Pay and in an analyst call, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Best Buy customers will be able to use Apple Pay at its terminals later this year.

LifeProof frē Case is Water/Dust/Dirt/Shock Proof But Not Dock-Proof


I had the opportunity to try LifeProof frē Case ($79.99). LifeProof also makes a more expensive nüüd line which does not use a screen protector yet manages to be waterproof just the same.

Apple Watch is a Real Sport During this Torture Test


It was painful to watch, but CNET put the Apple Watch Sport through a torture test I wouldn't wish on a $10 watch, let alone a hard-to-get $349 Apple Watch. The watch is put through a series of likely and unlikely tests like water, boiling water, a cheese grater, drops, stomps, and more. I held my breath for most of the video!

iTunes Subscription In the Works?


Ever since Apple bought Beats there has been speculation that they would offer an Apple-branded music subscription service. Now Apple Insider is reporting that tucked away in some new updates to the iTunes desktop client, there are references to an iTunes subscription. This doesn't appear to be a reference to iTunes Match which has been around for a few years. Such a subscription service is expected to be strictly for songs, as the text reads "iTunes Subscription: You can save songs for offline use and download purchases from iCloud on up to 5 devices." 

Apple Watch Charger May Not Be Proprietary After All


Apple often likes to go their own way. If there is a standardized solution that meets their needs, like USB-C, they may embrace it as they did with the new MacBook. Apple has also been known to work with companies like Intel to develop technologies such as Thunderbolt and Firewire. But other times, Apple is happy to blaze their own path, as they did with Lightning. Initially, it looked like the Apple Watch's magnetic charger might be as proprietary as Apple's MagSafe chargers. It now appears that the circular watch charger is based on the Qi open standard, although Apple has not confirmed this.

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