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  • You can restrict the content that can be accessed from your iPhone using the Restrictions screen in the Settings app. This allows you to block content with explicit lyrics from being accessed using Safari, YouTube, iTunes, or App Store. To...
  • As you add apps to your iPhone or iPod touch, they appear as icons on the Home screen. When the Home screen is full, a second screen is added which can accept icons for another 16 apps. You can have a total of 11 screens holding 176 apps (...
  • In previous versions of the OS, you had to open a note and tap on the trashcan icon to delete it. You can now swipe across an item in your Notes list (from left to right, or right to left) to display a Delete button.
  • You can use the Home button to completely shut down whatever program is running—just hold it down for six seconds. This is useful if a program freezes or if you have multiple programs open at once and want to close one of them.
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